Nobody's Property Episode 15: Rose

Three o’clock in the afternoon, and Shirley, of Shawnee Memorials, just across Harrison Avenue from Fairview Cemetery, was not taking any shit off my dad.

We had come here at my urging; Dad had mentioned that he still needed to order a stone to mark the plot where Jenny’s and Edith’s remains were buried together. I could see that if I didn’t push a little, it wasn’t going to happen any time soon. And the grass in the Rose family plot, though a bit dry and thatched in patches, covered their grave so smoothly that no one would ever know they were there.

Actual memories by Tom Fenley.

"Coals" by Kristin Hersh: or


  1. emily..northern lights came and went this week. And now I came across episode fifteen in fullolume. Ironic that this episode came thru in its entirety. My actual memories have held up to the months since we wrote one another. I was living under the volcanoe in the tea house at the time of our i drink nothing stronger than green tea. I am out of the 4 poster biz and writing fiction to save my life. wood is more forgiving then metaphore. However I have a deep need to invent a cast of characters to augment my reality.let these new folk take the risk,walk the line and come and go in the ether of my imagination.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Well I'm glad it came through. I've never been able to invent characters, or anyway maybe my characters are invented but I pretend to have known them. At least they have (mostly) been physically present in my life. If you're writing fiction then I see a podcast/audiobook in your future! Your words are beautiful, beautiful, and deeply felt.


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