Nobody's Property Episode 08: Civilized Tribe

“I’ve been thinking about a trip to Germany,” my father says on the phone one day. “I’m thinking I need to start thinking about Jenny in a new way.”

I’ve been thinking that too. And my father: the first thirty years of our time together are over; what are the next thirty going to be like?

What will we do in Germany? I’ve thought of going by myself, trying to find some things out. I see myself in a room with a man who was the last person to see Jenny alive. Did he kill her? Or did he just leave her by the side of the road? All these years I’ve waited for Jenny to haunt me, but she’s just kept her peace. That’s a nice way to think about it, that she’s out there somewhere keeping to herself (‘she is just away’). I know it’s not true; I know she’s gone.
But him? He was a young guy in 1971. Odds are he’s out there.

He’s the one who’s been haunting me.

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